Chapter 3: Ethical Influences on Public Relations Writing

This particular chapter focus on the ethics that you as an individual have and the ethics of a company.  In the public relations field we as practitioners have to find a happy medium of what we believe as ethical and what the company thinks as ethical. Sometimes the two do have some discrepancies.

Photo Credit: vanhookc via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: vanhookc via Compfight cc

I am now becoming a new member of PRSSA.  I know that PRSSA is there to help out and give knowledge to individuals who are pursuing public relations as a degree. PRSSA being a part of PRSA is very beneficial to its members.  The reason being is because PRSA members are given  guidelines to follow as public relation partitioners.   Each individual may have their own ethical guide lines as well as taking into consideration the guide lines of the company into consideration. Those who are PRSA members have guidelines that members must follow.  I think that having this extra set of guidelines held above you will make you a better public relations practitioner as well as having someone else to answer to.

Ethics plays such a big part in public relations. Because of the past and the negative connotations people use to have with public relations it is key that we use  ethics in an appropriate manner. One way that companies are being ethical is by giving back to people in the communities where there companies are based.  I think that is a great move for companies.

One statement that shocked  in this chapter which really shouldn’t have shocked me is that companies will ask you to sit out of meetings so you don’t know exactly what is going on with the company.  In this case, I would differently speak those in charge of the meeting and ask what the problem is and offer my expertise.  It is your job as a public relations practitioner to be there for your client and help with any issues that may make the company look bad to the publics.

Over time I have realized what I will and what I won’t stand for when it comes to ethics.  I believe that knowing this will help aid me in my journey as a public relations practitioner.


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