Sunday Ski Day

This past Sunday my boyfriend Zac,  and I decided to attend Hidden Vally Ski Resort in Wildwood Missouri.

Going to Hidden Valley would have been my first time going skiing.  I was really excited about the experience I was going to embark on.  I was not quite sure what to expect when I got there and what the whole experience would entail.  

IMG_8647As we pulled up to the parking lot you could see such large hills that were covered in snow with skiers  flying down the hill.  It was somewhat intimidating to see others doing so good on the slopes. It gave me hope that I could be a quick learner.

Once I finally had all my gear it was time to hit the slopes and to have first experience skiing.  I found that the hardest part of skiing is not the skiing its self.  The hardest part is maneuvering every where when you are not skiing.  When you ski it’s not like walking at all.  If you move like you were walking your skis just tangle up in each other and you slide backwards or fall.

When skiing there are different slopes that you can utilize.  I mostly stuck to what I consider being a medium-sized slope.  The thing about the medium size slop is that there is a rope that pulls you up the hill. The rope is set up on a pulley system.  Near the end of the I began to get tired of relying on the rope to pull me up the hill.  My muscles grew weak and my gloves were wet so the rope would slip out of my hands which I soon knew it was time to call it a day. Skiing all together was a lot harder than I thought.  One must be in very good shape to get the full fun effect when skiing.  When skiing you use so many muscles even when your just standing there.  I soon realized how sore my body was going to be the next day.

 After a few practice runs on the medium hill I got the hang of skiing and I enjoyed my self.  I loved flying down the hill with the wind in my hair.  I pretended as if I was a downhill skier in the Olympics.  I eventually gained enough confidence in my self that I was ready to go down the big hill.  As I began my journey down the hill I soon realized I was going much faster than what I was comfortable with.  I tried slowing my skis down but that was not working.  As I tried slowing my skis down I was yelling at the top of my lungs saying, WATCH OUT!!!  So I did the only thing I possibly knew to slow myself down was to whip out.  Whipping out may have not been fun but it was much better than me flying into someone else who was skiing ahead of me. 


Overall I had a great experience going skiing.  I went home with some great memories and multiple bruises but over all I would not change anything that occurred that day.   The weather  was beautiful and I also got to enjoy watching the sun set over the snow-covered hills.


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