Month: February 2014

CH 5: Research Influences on Public Relations Writing

We all think daily about different things and at times we research some of those thoughts that we have.  When we go about researching we think about the different questions we can ask ourselves  and how we will answer those questions.

Photo Credit: amira_a via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: amira_a via Compfight cc

Research plays a big role in public relations thus the reasoning we here at SIUE have to take a class on speech communication research methods.  As we learn about research we learn about why it is so important and how it affects. As a pr writer we must research who our public is, the background of our client,  what is the companies values and attitudes; the list could go on and on.

According to Lerbinger,  there are six elements that play an important role when it comes to research within public relations: the organizations environment,structure, the public, the message,t he media, and the effect of the program on the public.

The environment of a company plays a role when it comes to  the pr writer because the public may not understand what is going on and you have to find away to communicate to them in a way they will understand. The example the book gives is how in Columbia the coffee bean crop was down so one must alert coffee consumers about why there is going to be a price hike in coffee prices.

When it comes to the actual research on research a particular thing there are many way to go about that.  A pr individual can get information on research from internal and external sources, study the organization, the public  and databases. Depending on the research you ar focusing on there are many different ways to get to your answer.  There are surveys, test and analysis.

We as pr agents must figure out what we need to research and then focus on how we are going to accomplish this research.


I Made It!

As some of you may know I have recently joined the club Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA) at SIUE. Those of you who do not know what PRSSA is it’s a club that is designed for students who are studying public relations and to further their knowledge and to begin building networks with people in this industry.


Being a new member to this club I wanted to jump in with both feet and take every opportunity that PRSSA gives me.  The first opportunity that I saw that I thought I could achieve was to become an executive board leader. The position that I was interested in holding is called, historian.

As election time came around I submitted my reasons for wanting be on the e-board.   Last Wednesday it became official that I am now the historian for PRSSA.  Being a new member I thought that I might have less of a chance of getting the position so when I was awarded the position I was enthused about it. I am really excited to be a part of this club and to get the chance to help in the management of PRSSA.

As the historian I will have the duties of motivating other members and to get them to be interactive with PRSSA. I will have to keep record of historical things going on with in the chapter.  As well as being in charge of the twitter account along with some photography. 

All of my duties that I am supposed to do are things that interest me.  I am very meticulous and detailed oriented which I believe will be a great quality to posses when being the historian. I also love taking photos so I am really looking forward to taking pictures for PRSSA and getting to capture all of the special moments this club will go through.

I am honored to be apart of the executive board for PRSSA.  I can already see how much PRSSA can offer me and others who are apart of this club. So I too hope that I can give back to PRSSA like it has given me the knowledge about the public relations industry.


Ch 15: Persuasion for Individual Action

Chapter 15 discusses how we as public realign practitioners can get our message to the public through different types of print media such as direct mail, brochures,and signs. Print media may seem like it isn’t as prominet as once use to be it is still very much apart of getting the word out to the public.

When it comes to writing print media there are many different aspects one must keep in mind.  One needs to keep in mind who their targeting public is.  Keeping this in mind will help you when it comes to designing your work.  The print media needs to capture the audiences attention for example the layout of the print, or the style.  Having bolded words hear and there to make your audience want to continue reading.

Not only is your design important but as well as your message and its content. A lot of the time a print media source is helping one learn about certain thing.  So be direct with you message is needed to keep your audiences attention  The book states that with print media you have one chance to captivate your audience.

Photo Credit: Antonio Bonanno via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Antonio Bonanno via Compfight cc

When it comes to brochures the deign element is just as important or even more important than a  direct mail piece. The one aspect about brochures that I really like is that it gives you a chance to be creative and thats one thing I enjoy doing.   There is so much  you can do to try and make your brochure stick out from other brochures such as; colors,font, pictures.  Brochures are used for many thing and they are great way for people to get information at their hands fast and quickly.

Ch 6: Legal Influences on Public Relations Writing

As public relation practitioners being aware of legal influences is something we need to take into consideration.

When we are writing a piece of work one thing that we need to keep in mind is not plagiarizing what another person said and to quote individuals the correct way. Some other issues that my arise that would deal with legal issues would be

Photo Credit: only alice via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: only alice via Compfight cc

signing a contract at a company most companies you do sign a contract with when you begin employment there.  Before you sign the contract make sure that you pay attention to the fine print.  The fine print is going to tell you what you can and cannot do.  The book gives the example that if you work for a company and you are leaving that company you are not allowed to take your clients you have  with you else where.  There are multiple different issues that may occur  so depending on what specific area you go into public relations you need to take a precaution.  It would be a good idea to have a lawyer have some type of contract written up for you to take and give to your employer or your client

As the book discussed that lawyers and public relations counselors have a lot in common. The lawyers help when you get into legal troubles and settings where as public relations practitioners help in the aid to protect people and themselves from the public opinion.  I really liked this comparison because it does show how influential public relation practitioners are.


In life family has always been one of the most important things to me.  I have a great mother and father who have always encouraged me to be the best individual that I can be. No matter how my day is going my parents are their to support me and give me advice.  The thing I find hard sometimes is always having my parents focus on me and not focusing on themselves.


My mom has given up so much for my sister and I.  My mom has always put my sister and I first before everything.  I am thankful for that but now that I am getting older I want my mom to be selfish.  She deserves the best things in life and I think that after so many years of sacrificing her own wants and needs its time for me to give back to my mom.

Now my dad on the other hand he has been the one to give me tough love.  I know that my dad loves me so much but he isn’t afraid to tell me the truth.  I believe this is his way of making me a better person.  He will always tell me when I am being out of line or if I have done something that I shouldn’t have and try to go about it a different way.  He is my voice of reason.

I read a book recently about Elizabeth Smart.  She was the young girl who was taken from her home in the middle of the night by a man. This man raped her everyday of her life, starved her, and threatened that he would kill her family if she tried to escape.  Elizabeth never thought she would ever make it home to see her family again. Reading this book changed my life; I realized that my life could be much worse than it is when I have difficult situations going on.  I could be in  Elizabeth Smarts situation.

When ever I am having a rough day I think to my self that things could be much worse than they are.   So I am thankful for everything in my life and I am blessed for the  family I have. 

Ch 4: Cultural Influences on Public Relations Writing

In the field of public relations culture is a major influence when it comes to dealing with the public.

Ones culture is learned over time and individuals hold their culture close to their heart.  Thus the reason that when we are dealing with the  certain cultural publics  we need to be very conscious of how things are said and worded.  As the book states,” Culture is an important concept to public relations writer because their work is aimed at influencing relationships between cultures at many levels.

Photo Credit: angela7dreams via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: angela7dreams via Compfight cc

In the public relations world what we write is seen on a global scale.  We need to identify who exactly our audience is and what particular culture they belong to.  It is not easy to do this due to the day and age that we are in because of the internet.  With the internet word spreads quickly.

When international public relations comes into play and you are working for a certain business it would be advised to take a look at what that company’s culture is and what they want to emphasize as important. Each business will have a different culture that you will have to accommodate to.   As the book states there are 4 different type of organizational cultures.  As a public relations practitioner you need to figure what culture you belong to and when working with another organizational culture respect their values.

Different cultures may class but it is our job as public relation practitioners to work our way through those situations and get our job done and make the public and client happy.

Go Team USA!

Imagine standing on the first place platform as you receive your gold medal at the Olympics, watching your country’s flag rise above and your nations anthem playing in the background.  I could only imagine what this feeling may feel like. As  I sit at home while watching the Olympics from my television screen and watching our athlete win and embracing the moment of victory makes me so proud to be an american.  As I watch the Olympics and watch that very scenario I described play out I just want to jump up with joy and to be at the Olympics myself to cheer on our country.

Weather it is the winter or summer Olympics I always enjoy them.  My favorite sports to watch in the winter games is figure skating.  Every sport amazes me because of the athlete’s ability to perform the way they do with the remarkable tricks and moves.

Photo Credit: rho-bin via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: rho-bin via Compfight cc

Being athlete participating in the Olympics can’t be easy, I imagine.  As an athlete your trying to perform to the best of your ability.  There is so much pressure on the athletes to perform at the highest caliber they can.  Not only do the athletes have the pressure of performing, but they have the pressure of knowing your country is counting on you to win.

Currently the United States has seven metals in the 2014 Winter Olympic games going on in Sochi Russia. I can only hope that with about two weeks left in the Olympics that team USA can win a lot more medals and win the overall Olympics.

For me the Olympics is a time to reflect on this great country that we live in and how well the United States athletes come together with other athletes from around the world.