Chapter 9: Out of Your Control…or Is It?

Chapter 9 discusses how we as public relations practitioners work with the media.

The media is seen as being the gatekeeper. The reason being because they are the ones who put out the information that we as public relations practitioners create.  In this field of work it is very important to build relationships with those involved in the media.  The closer relationship you have with the media the more likely you are to get information out about your client.  Even those with some of the closest relationships with media will not always get there work published. A lot of it is about your message to the public and how you can help the media get their job done.

Photo Credit: thinkpanama via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: thinkpanama via Compfight cc

Some business find that the media is not as important as other business who you may be working with.  According to the text using media is not as efficient when you are dealing certain publics.

One way to attract the media to do work with you is making it seem as if you are helping them get there job done.  You never want to make the media feel as they are working for you according to the book we use in class.

There are many ways to get news releases out to the public besides using the media.  The possibilities are endless you can email, website and many more.  The important thing is that you are getting your message out about you client.

When writing news releases we as professionals need to have values of determinants.  We need to keep our stories relevant, timely and attractive to the audience.  The audience is always so important; they guide the way we do our work.


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