The Color Run

As of Sunday my sister and I started our own team to be a part of The Color Run. For those of you who do not know what The Color Run is it is at 5k run where you run through different stations. At each station there is a designated color of pigment and those who are working the run throw the pigment on you.

At the beginning of the race you are supposed to start of wearing all white clothing. Once you finish the race you are supposed to be colored from head to toe in bright colorful pigments. IMG_9843

The Color Run is called the happiest 5k in the world. The Color Run welcomes those of all ages and athletic ability. So if you want to walk the race you are more thank welcomed to walk. You go at your own pace there is no pressure to be the first person in your heat to get to the finish line.

Once you hit the finish line there is a great big colorful party. As a part of your race entry fee you get a packet of pigment. The pigment is intended to be used at the party at the finish line. You get into the big crowd of people who are attending the after race party. On the count of 1..2..3.. You and everyone else around you is throwing the pigment in the air and you are covered in more color than you could imagine.

Last year was my sister and I’s first experience participating in The Color Run.  The Color Run takes place in downtown Saint Louis on April 26th this year.  I am anxiously awaiting The Color Run.   This year should be even more of blast than it was last year because I am part of team with most of my close friends.


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