Ch 4: Cultural Influences on Public Relations Writing

In the field of public relations culture is a major influence when it comes to dealing with the public.

Ones culture is learned over time and individuals hold their culture close to their heart.  Thus the reason that when we are dealing with the  certain cultural publics  we need to be very conscious of how things are said and worded.  As the book states,” Culture is an important concept to public relations writer because their work is aimed at influencing relationships between cultures at many levels.

Photo Credit: angela7dreams via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: angela7dreams via Compfight cc

In the public relations world what we write is seen on a global scale.  We need to identify who exactly our audience is and what particular culture they belong to.  It is not easy to do this due to the day and age that we are in because of the internet.  With the internet word spreads quickly.

When international public relations comes into play and you are working for a certain business it would be advised to take a look at what that company’s culture is and what they want to emphasize as important. Each business will have a different culture that you will have to accommodate to.   As the book states there are 4 different type of organizational cultures.  As a public relations practitioner you need to figure what culture you belong to and when working with another organizational culture respect their values.

Different cultures may class but it is our job as public relation practitioners to work our way through those situations and get our job done and make the public and client happy.


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