Go Team USA!

Imagine standing on the first place platform as you receive your gold medal at the Olympics, watching your country’s flag rise above and your nations anthem playing in the background.  I could only imagine what this feeling may feel like. As  I sit at home while watching the Olympics from my television screen and watching our athlete win and embracing the moment of victory makes me so proud to be an american.  As I watch the Olympics and watch that very scenario I described play out I just want to jump up with joy and to be at the Olympics myself to cheer on our country.

Weather it is the winter or summer Olympics I always enjoy them.  My favorite sports to watch in the winter games is figure skating.  Every sport amazes me because of the athlete’s ability to perform the way they do with the remarkable tricks and moves.

Photo Credit: rho-bin via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: rho-bin via Compfight cc

Being athlete participating in the Olympics can’t be easy, I imagine.  As an athlete your trying to perform to the best of your ability.  There is so much pressure on the athletes to perform at the highest caliber they can.  Not only do the athletes have the pressure of performing, but they have the pressure of knowing your country is counting on you to win.

Currently the United States has seven metals in the 2014 Winter Olympic games going on in Sochi Russia. I can only hope that with about two weeks left in the Olympics that team USA can win a lot more medals and win the overall Olympics.

For me the Olympics is a time to reflect on this great country that we live in and how well the United States athletes come together with other athletes from around the world.



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