Ch 15: Persuasion for Individual Action

Chapter 15 discusses how we as public realign practitioners can get our message to the public through different types of print media such as direct mail, brochures,and signs. Print media may seem like it isn’t as prominet as once use to be it is still very much apart of getting the word out to the public.

When it comes to writing print media there are many different aspects one must keep in mind.  One needs to keep in mind who their targeting public is.  Keeping this in mind will help you when it comes to designing your work.  The print media needs to capture the audiences attention for example the layout of the print, or the style.  Having bolded words hear and there to make your audience want to continue reading.

Not only is your design important but as well as your message and its content. A lot of the time a print media source is helping one learn about certain thing.  So be direct with you message is needed to keep your audiences attention  The book states that with print media you have one chance to captivate your audience.

Photo Credit: Antonio Bonanno via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Antonio Bonanno via Compfight cc

When it comes to brochures the deign element is just as important or even more important than a  direct mail piece. The one aspect about brochures that I really like is that it gives you a chance to be creative and thats one thing I enjoy doing.   There is so much  you can do to try and make your brochure stick out from other brochures such as; colors,font, pictures.  Brochures are used for many thing and they are great way for people to get information at their hands fast and quickly.


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