CH 5: Research Influences on Public Relations Writing

We all think daily about different things and at times we research some of those thoughts that we have.  When we go about researching we think about the different questions we can ask ourselves  and how we will answer those questions.

Photo Credit: amira_a via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: amira_a via Compfight cc

Research plays a big role in public relations thus the reasoning we here at SIUE have to take a class on speech communication research methods.  As we learn about research we learn about why it is so important and how it affects. As a pr writer we must research who our public is, the background of our client,  what is the companies values and attitudes; the list could go on and on.

According to Lerbinger,  there are six elements that play an important role when it comes to research within public relations: the organizations environment,structure, the public, the message,t he media, and the effect of the program on the public.

The environment of a company plays a role when it comes to  the pr writer because the public may not understand what is going on and you have to find away to communicate to them in a way they will understand. The example the book gives is how in Columbia the coffee bean crop was down so one must alert coffee consumers about why there is going to be a price hike in coffee prices.

When it comes to the actual research on research a particular thing there are many way to go about that.  A pr individual can get information on research from internal and external sources, study the organization, the public  and databases. Depending on the research you ar focusing on there are many different ways to get to your answer.  There are surveys, test and analysis.

We as pr agents must figure out what we need to research and then focus on how we are going to accomplish this research.


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