I Made It!

As some of you may know I have recently joined the club Public Relation Student Society of America (PRSSA) at SIUE. Those of you who do not know what PRSSA is it’s a club that is designed for students who are studying public relations and to further their knowledge and to begin building networks with people in this industry.


Being a new member to this club I wanted to jump in with both feet and take every opportunity that PRSSA gives me.  The first opportunity that I saw that I thought I could achieve was to become an executive board leader. The position that I was interested in holding is called, historian.

As election time came around I submitted my reasons for wanting be on the e-board.   Last Wednesday it became official that I am now the historian for PRSSA.  Being a new member I thought that I might have less of a chance of getting the position so when I was awarded the position I was enthused about it. I am really excited to be a part of this club and to get the chance to help in the management of PRSSA.

As the historian I will have the duties of motivating other members and to get them to be interactive with PRSSA. I will have to keep record of historical things going on with in the chapter.  As well as being in charge of the twitter account along with some photography. 

All of my duties that I am supposed to do are things that interest me.  I am very meticulous and detailed oriented which I believe will be a great quality to posses when being the historian. I also love taking photos so I am really looking forward to taking pictures for PRSSA and getting to capture all of the special moments this club will go through.

I am honored to be apart of the executive board for PRSSA.  I can already see how much PRSSA can offer me and others who are apart of this club. So I too hope that I can give back to PRSSA like it has given me the knowledge about the public relations industry.



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