Month: March 2014

Chapter 8: From Principles To Planning To Practice

Chapter eight covers a lot of material dealing with how to write more professionally.  In today’s society many people have a harder time writing in a professional manner. We can blame these struggles I believe on technological advances.

Many people, now more than ever are using abbreviated forms of words.  I know that I personally do this when I’m texting, and searching the web which is basically all the time.  Some of the most common words I like to abbreviate is your, and because.  As I was reading this chapter I thought to my self that I’m not doing my self any good-by abbreviating words.  Now that I am more aware of when I abbreviate words I’m trying my best to write out the entire word. By implementing this change into my life I can only see that I will benefit my self and write more professionally in the long run. 2297329260_f165d108e4_m

I found this chapter to be very helpful.  Being a public relations writers  we need to be as professional as we can be when it comes to writing material for our clients.  Our clients are paying us for our expertise and we need to communicate to our clients public in a professional manner.  Once again as pr writers we need to keep in mind who our audience.  If we are writing a piece of work for a younger audience it maybe okay to get away with using abbreviations.  It all depends who we are writing for and taking our clients thoughts into consideration.

One of my own personal goals that I set for myself is to be professional in all that I do and I believe this chapter has helped me achieve my goal.




Having Respect for Friends

This past year I’ve learned a lot myself and others.  In life sometimes people get lost up in finding out who they are and who they want their friends to be. I’ve never had this issue.  I always knew who I was and who I wanted to associate myself with. I have high morals and expectations for myself so I like to find those qualities in the friends I have.

As a friend I believe the most important quality to possess is having respect for your friends.  I think in today’s society people forget all to often how important respect is.  Having respect for someone shows that you actually honor that friendship.  Being respectful should be something that we give to everyone; even if you have a hard time liking them. I think that showing respect to all just shows a sign of maturity and that you are an adult.

The friends that I do have all respect me and treat me with respect. IMG_5365I am so thankful for those friendships because I know that they can be rare. My boyfriend and I have a lot of the same friends and we have all have got so much closer with one another this year.  My friends and I recently were talking about how we aren’t just friends but that we are family.  Most of the time  when we are together we always take pictures.  So at the last group outing we had we took our typical group picture.  Instead of telling everyone let’s get a group picture together we call it a family photo.

I am so blessed with the family and friends that I have.  All these important people in my life help me strive to be a better person and for that I am blessed.




Spring Break

As I am writing this post I’m sitting on the beach looking at the emerald colored ocean in sunny and warm Florida. This years spring break took me to Clearwater, FL. It may not be Panama City Beach where the kids are going crazy but I am thankful to be on vacation.

Florida has always been one of my favorite places to vacation too. I’ve been to Orlando, St. Augustine, Destin, and Panama City Beach. So this time traveling to Clearwater was going to be a new experience for me. This is the furthest south I’ve ever been before in Florida. I have to say its real nice. It’s sunny and 75 here; which is a big difference compared to the cold weather we’ve had in Illinois this pass winter.

20140311-144946.jpgDuring my stay I’m getting to spend time with family and relax. This semester at school has been my busiest semester by far. So it’s nice I get to escape the stresses of school and relax. For the rest of my trip I plan to lay by the beach and take in the breathtaking scenery. I enjoy eating seafood so it will be a must to have at least one seafood dinner by the beach. 

As I’m here in Florida I am really hoping that spring will be right around the corner in Illinois.  I’m am looking forward to having warmer weather and getting to spend time outdoors.  Since the weather is absolutely beautiful here in Florida I am spending as much time as I can outdoors.  It’s crazy how much the weather can change your mood.  The whole time while I am here I am so happy because of the warmth and seeing all of the trees with leaves on them. It’s a beautiful site to see.

Well for now I’ll be seeing you on the flip side. It’s time for me to take a stroll on the beach and feel the sand between my toes.

Ch 11: Lets Hear It

As  a PR specialist I found this chapter to be very beneficial and it coincides with my minor of mass communications.  I feel like since I have taken mass communications classes I will have an easier time when writing for broadcast. When most people think about public relations they only think about the writing portion but vocal communication is just as important. With the increase in technology ,and individuals taking full advantage of broadcast, scripts, and speeches, chapter 11 focuses on how we can help our audience understand the message in an easier and more technical manner.

Photo Credit: CarbonNYC via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: CarbonNYC via Compfight cc

This chapter has a lot of information that can be very beneficial to PR specialist.  This chapter gives an overview of how to write for broadcast, scripts, and speeches.  Each of these three media styles require different technical aspects that we must follow and use.

When writing a piece that will  be broadcasted, scripted, or spoke one must be very concise in their writing.  When writing for a specific medium time is a major factor.  So keeping things straight and to the point is important.  Just like in writing for print media it is important to capture your audience in vocal media as well.  You may only have a thirty-second time slot on the air, so the audience needs to be captivated fast and kept interested in the news.

When it comes to delivering a broadcast, script, or speech it is important to choose all the right elements to focus on.  It is our job as a PR  practitioner’s to pick what elements are the most important  for the public to be aware of. We need to give our audience the most beneficial, timely and relevant news possible. We have learned many of these aspects before about writing for the media but now we must perfect this different type of writing to benefit ourselves in our future careers.

Ch 14: Persuasion for Mass Action

In this chapter the book focuses on how we can persuade our audience through a mass action.  We are capable of persuading our public in many different ways such as image ads, campaigns, and advocacy ads.  Two major things that we as pr practitioners need to keep in mind is who is are public  and how can we motivate them.  If were persuading a public we need to cater to that public and persuade them in a way that will be most productive.

Not only is motivating your audience important but so is being able to appeal to your audience. As the book states, there are a few things that an audience may find to be more appealing.  For example, people are appealed to topics that are new, close to home, relevant, and unusual or bizarre or that deal with human interest. We as people are interested in things that are relevant to us individually.

Photo Credit: <a href="">photosteve101</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Photo Credit: photosteve101 via Compfight cc

When developing a persuasive message we need to keep in mind that we need to appeal to ethos,pathos and logos.  I’m sure we have all heard of each of these  but the following is a little review.  Ethos is how credible some thing is, logos is the appealing of logic, and pathos is appealing to emotion.

One way to appeal to a public is by using a celebrity source.  Using an outside spokesperson has the ability to draw in a large number of people and many people you may have not reached with out that spokesperson.

As one goes about the process of persuading a public with a mass action one needs to keep in mind if they are being ethical.  Persuading people sometimes can lead to not always giving valid information but as pr people in the industry its our job to keep the ethics in place.

Career Development Day

As a public relations major and member of PRSSA at SIUE I am looking to further my knowledge of the public relations industry.  Last Friday I took advantage of Career Development Day that was put on by PRSA Saint Louis.  I found that Career Development Day was very beneficial and I gained new insight in to the pr world.


One aspect that I found to be beneficial is that you can never start to soon to further your career in the public relations field.  There is always an internship that you could be doing, volunteering or even furthering your own social media presences.  There is always a way to be proactive in everything you do. Since Career Development Day I feel like I could always be busy doing something, so I can insure that I will be a standout candidate when it comes to internships or future job opportunities.

When it comes to being  in the public relations field there is always something going on it seems like.  I met with a lady who works at Ameren in St.Louis.  Since she works for a power company she always busy when we are having severe weather in the area.  For example, last Friday the St.Louis metro area was preparing for another winter storm.  I asked this individual if she has already begun preparing for all the calls and press releases she is going to have to write.  She said, ” Yes it began at 4:30 this morning.”  By the time she got to work she had multiple missed calls from new stations and reporters asking what their plan of action was going to be.  It just goes to tell you that in the pr industry you may go to sleep but your business is never sleeping.  In such a busy and fast past going job one must always  be ready for the unexpected and the next big thing to happen.


Another women I spoke to works at Edwards Jones and she is a crisis management pr director.  She told me that her work life balance was much different from the women who worked at Ameren. Work life balance is a very important aspect that I hope to obtain when I work in the pr industry. Many people I spoke to at Career Development Day scared me that I may not get the work life balance aspect that I may want but this lady made me hopeful of that.  She did tell us on Friday that she has a client she has been working with who is in a crisis at the moment.  She told me that on her Friday night at eight o clock she will be having a conference call with this client who in a crisis and brief him for an interview that he is going to do.  So there are sometimes where she did have to take her work home with her.

Over all Career Development Day was a very beneficial day and I am so happy I got to take advantage of another opportunity that PRSSA has given me.