Career Development Day

As a public relations major and member of PRSSA at SIUE I am looking to further my knowledge of the public relations industry.  Last Friday I took advantage of Career Development Day that was put on by PRSA Saint Louis.  I found that Career Development Day was very beneficial and I gained new insight in to the pr world.


One aspect that I found to be beneficial is that you can never start to soon to further your career in the public relations field.  There is always an internship that you could be doing, volunteering or even furthering your own social media presences.  There is always a way to be proactive in everything you do. Since Career Development Day I feel like I could always be busy doing something, so I can insure that I will be a standout candidate when it comes to internships or future job opportunities.

When it comes to being  in the public relations field there is always something going on it seems like.  I met with a lady who works at Ameren in St.Louis.  Since she works for a power company she always busy when we are having severe weather in the area.  For example, last Friday the St.Louis metro area was preparing for another winter storm.  I asked this individual if she has already begun preparing for all the calls and press releases she is going to have to write.  She said, ” Yes it began at 4:30 this morning.”  By the time she got to work she had multiple missed calls from new stations and reporters asking what their plan of action was going to be.  It just goes to tell you that in the pr industry you may go to sleep but your business is never sleeping.  In such a busy and fast past going job one must always  be ready for the unexpected and the next big thing to happen.


Another women I spoke to works at Edwards Jones and she is a crisis management pr director.  She told me that her work life balance was much different from the women who worked at Ameren. Work life balance is a very important aspect that I hope to obtain when I work in the pr industry. Many people I spoke to at Career Development Day scared me that I may not get the work life balance aspect that I may want but this lady made me hopeful of that.  She did tell us on Friday that she has a client she has been working with who is in a crisis at the moment.  She told me that on her Friday night at eight o clock she will be having a conference call with this client who in a crisis and brief him for an interview that he is going to do.  So there are sometimes where she did have to take her work home with her.

Over all Career Development Day was a very beneficial day and I am so happy I got to take advantage of another opportunity that PRSSA has given me.


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