Ch 14: Persuasion for Mass Action

In this chapter the book focuses on how we can persuade our audience through a mass action.  We are capable of persuading our public in many different ways such as image ads, campaigns, and advocacy ads.  Two major things that we as pr practitioners need to keep in mind is who is are public  and how can we motivate them.  If were persuading a public we need to cater to that public and persuade them in a way that will be most productive.

Not only is motivating your audience important but so is being able to appeal to your audience. As the book states, there are a few things that an audience may find to be more appealing.  For example, people are appealed to topics that are new, close to home, relevant, and unusual or bizarre or that deal with human interest. We as people are interested in things that are relevant to us individually.

Photo Credit: <a href="">photosteve101</a> via <a href="">Compfight</a> <a href="">cc</a>

Photo Credit: photosteve101 via Compfight cc

When developing a persuasive message we need to keep in mind that we need to appeal to ethos,pathos and logos.  I’m sure we have all heard of each of these  but the following is a little review.  Ethos is how credible some thing is, logos is the appealing of logic, and pathos is appealing to emotion.

One way to appeal to a public is by using a celebrity source.  Using an outside spokesperson has the ability to draw in a large number of people and many people you may have not reached with out that spokesperson.

As one goes about the process of persuading a public with a mass action one needs to keep in mind if they are being ethical.  Persuading people sometimes can lead to not always giving valid information but as pr people in the industry its our job to keep the ethics in place.


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