Ch 11: Lets Hear It

As  a PR specialist I found this chapter to be very beneficial and it coincides with my minor of mass communications.  I feel like since I have taken mass communications classes I will have an easier time when writing for broadcast. When most people think about public relations they only think about the writing portion but vocal communication is just as important. With the increase in technology ,and individuals taking full advantage of broadcast, scripts, and speeches, chapter 11 focuses on how we can help our audience understand the message in an easier and more technical manner.

Photo Credit: CarbonNYC via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: CarbonNYC via Compfight cc

This chapter has a lot of information that can be very beneficial to PR specialist.  This chapter gives an overview of how to write for broadcast, scripts, and speeches.  Each of these three media styles require different technical aspects that we must follow and use.

When writing a piece that will  be broadcasted, scripted, or spoke one must be very concise in their writing.  When writing for a specific medium time is a major factor.  So keeping things straight and to the point is important.  Just like in writing for print media it is important to capture your audience in vocal media as well.  You may only have a thirty-second time slot on the air, so the audience needs to be captivated fast and kept interested in the news.

When it comes to delivering a broadcast, script, or speech it is important to choose all the right elements to focus on.  It is our job as a PR  practitioner’s to pick what elements are the most important  for the public to be aware of. We need to give our audience the most beneficial, timely and relevant news possible. We have learned many of these aspects before about writing for the media but now we must perfect this different type of writing to benefit ourselves in our future careers.


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