Having Respect for Friends

This past year I’ve learned a lot myself and others.  In life sometimes people get lost up in finding out who they are and who they want their friends to be. I’ve never had this issue.  I always knew who I was and who I wanted to associate myself with. I have high morals and expectations for myself so I like to find those qualities in the friends I have.

As a friend I believe the most important quality to possess is having respect for your friends.  I think in today’s society people forget all to often how important respect is.  Having respect for someone shows that you actually honor that friendship.  Being respectful should be something that we give to everyone; even if you have a hard time liking them. I think that showing respect to all just shows a sign of maturity and that you are an adult.

The friends that I do have all respect me and treat me with respect. IMG_5365I am so thankful for those friendships because I know that they can be rare. My boyfriend and I have a lot of the same friends and we have all have got so much closer with one another this year.  My friends and I recently were talking about how we aren’t just friends but that we are family.  Most of the time  when we are together we always take pictures.  So at the last group outing we had we took our typical group picture.  Instead of telling everyone let’s get a group picture together we call it a family photo.

I am so blessed with the family and friends that I have.  All these important people in my life help me strive to be a better person and for that I am blessed.





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