Chapter 8: From Principles To Planning To Practice

Chapter eight covers a lot of material dealing with how to write more professionally.  In today’s society many people have a harder time writing in a professional manner. We can blame these struggles I believe on technological advances.

Many people, now more than ever are using abbreviated forms of words.  I know that I personally do this when I’m texting, and searching the web which is basically all the time.  Some of the most common words I like to abbreviate is your, and because.  As I was reading this chapter I thought to my self that I’m not doing my self any good-by abbreviating words.  Now that I am more aware of when I abbreviate words I’m trying my best to write out the entire word. By implementing this change into my life I can only see that I will benefit my self and write more professionally in the long run. 2297329260_f165d108e4_m

I found this chapter to be very helpful.  Being a public relations writers  we need to be as professional as we can be when it comes to writing material for our clients.  Our clients are paying us for our expertise and we need to communicate to our clients public in a professional manner.  Once again as pr writers we need to keep in mind who our audience.  If we are writing a piece of work for a younger audience it maybe okay to get away with using abbreviations.  It all depends who we are writing for and taking our clients thoughts into consideration.

One of my own personal goals that I set for myself is to be professional in all that I do and I believe this chapter has helped me achieve my goal.




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