Month: April 2014

My Last Post For My Public Relations Writing Class

This semester  I have really learned a lot about my future career in public relations.  The one greatest lesson I learned is that there is  always something I could be doing to better my self.   This is something I learned early on in the semester when I attended career development day, which I previously have blogged about.  Attending career development day really lighted a fire underneath me and made me want to be a better student practicing public relations.

Through out the semester I believe that I have had lots of accomplishment which I am proud of.  My first accomplishment that I am really proud of is being on the executive board for PRSSA. My seconded accomplishment is advancing my writing techniques.  I have written multiple pieces of copies and have had them continually checked over.  Once my copies were edited and rechecked I made the necessary improvements on them.  Making those improvements and being aware of my mistakes has taught me the most and has advanced my writing.  I owe a lot of thanks to my teacher, Stacey Howard.  She has really helped me out time after time this semester.  Attending her 8 a.m. public relations writing class wasn’t always my favorite because it was early in the morning, but I sure did learn a lot more attending her class than if I was sleeping.

One thing I will take away from this semester is to be professional in all that you do. A few other things I will take away from the semester is that it is important to  be networking, to maintain my blog, gain experience, and to practice all types of writing when it is not required of you.

As the semester is coming to a close I can see the finish that is ahead of me.  This is just one semester down in my path of earning my degree.  I have one year left of school and then I will truly meet the finish line. Who knows I may even begin a master program in the near future after I graduate.

Photo Credit: familymwr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: familymwr via Compfight cc


My Weekends Adventures

This past weekend was one for the books.  It was Easter weekend and I was so happy that I could go home and spend time with my family and friends.

On Friday night my friends and I got together and we had a black light party.  For those of you who don’t know what a black light party is it’s where you wear neon clothes or white and you clothes glow in the dark.  It’s a really good  time and I think that all of my friends who came to the party had a really good.  What I really like about when my friends and I get together is that we all get to catch up and talk about all the great times we have had with one another.

Sunday was Easter and it was day filled with family.  Through out the day my family and I worked outside together on our house and just enjoying spending time outside. imageMy family and I live in the country and each spring one thing we enjoy doing is going morel mushroom hunting.  These mushrooms grow in the woods only for a short time during the spring and when there out my family and I are out hunting them.  These mushrooms are delicacy to many people because of their rarity. It’s hard to explain the flavor of them but my family and I enjoy eating them any chance we get.  As a part of our Sunday we celebrated Easter. This year for Easter my family and I went out to eat at Red Lobster.  Although dinner was just my parents, my sister and my self we had a really great time.  We takes about our up coming family vacation and things we would like to accomplish over the summer.

Each day I am reminded of how great my friends and family are.  This weekend was just one of those great weekends that I will never forget.

CH 16: High-Profile Project

As a public relations practitioner there are many duties that are included in the job title.  Being a public relations student I realize that it will be my job in the future to maintain relationships within the company I work for and my clients.  One of the task that one may have to do to further a relationship is managing a special event. Planning an event is very time-consuming and calls for lots of organization. Some of the high-profile events include annual reports,special events, and trade shows.

Photo Credit: SpokaneFocus via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: SpokaneFocus via Compfight cc

Annual reports are usually a yearly report that gives a run down of the organizations activities, and shows the financial state of the company.  Many annual reports are very important to companies and are mandatory.  In an annual report there are two parts that are needed one being narrative documentation and one being a financial report. Non-profit organizations put a lot of weight into their annual reports. The reason is because non-profit organizations want to show where the money went for that year and they want to continue to earn donations.

Many companies will ask a public relations practitioner to plan a special event for them.  There are many reasons that  special events occurs for, an example would be a retirement celebration, anniversaries, or the launch of a new product. Many times when one is planning a special events there plenty of times to plan the event.  The thing that public relations practitioners have to plan for is the unexpected.  For example a client wanting to change the theme or change the whole event in general. When planning a special event it is important to try to reuse and reword different of pieces of work.  A news release can be written into a feature and just needs some twitching.  This will save you time in the long run and will help with organization as well.

Trade shows are usually used to roll out a new product or something of that sort that a company wants to feature. Many times a trade show is used for exposure but planning this exposure is time-consuming. Many times when a trade show is being planned there is a specific theme that one follows.



Relay for Life

Last Friday was Relay for Life for the students of SIUE.  I was happy to participate in this event and the fight to end cancer.  imageI just like many others have been effected by cancer.  My grandma, who happened to be my best friend as a little girl lost her battle with pancreatic cancer many years ago.  Till this day I am very saddened by the loss of grandma. Although there wasn’t much I could do for my grandma except spend the last days of her life with her, I can help those who have cancer now and who will have cancer in the future.

Being a part of Relay for Life made me feel apart of something bigger than just my self. I was honored to raise money for those who need help with cancer research.  The whole meaning of Relay for Life is to show people that cancer never sleeps.  As a part of the Relay for Life event all of those in attendance are welcomed to participate in the lighting of the luminaries. The lightning of the luminaries is to honor all those who have been effected directly by cancer.  To me the lightening of the luminaries was my favorite part of the night. It was the moment I got to honor my grandma and my boyfriend got to honor his mom.  It was an emotional moment for me because its hard not to miss those who have passed because of cancer.  At that moment I realized I was their for a bigger reason than just to raise money but to honor life and the life’s of others.

image-1Relay for Life was a great event and I look forward to participating in many more Relay for Life events.  At the Relay for Life PRSSA the club I am apart of won the spirit award.  It was a lot of fun celebrating with my friends who are in PRSSA with me.

I look for the day in life when there is  cure for cancer, so that no one else looses a loved one because of this disease.

CH 6: Legal Influences

As a public relations students one thing that I always worry about is the legal actions that can be taken against a writer.  I would like to be able to take a class that specifically informed me about all the laws and what to look out for. One day when I’m in my profession I don’t want to be side swept with a legal issue.

Photo Credit: Saad.Akhtar via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: Saad.Akhtar via Compfight cc

In chapter 6, we learn bits and pieces about different legal constraints. One example the book gives is the Nike vs Kasky court case. The issue dealt with  Nike and the overseas employment practices.  The one quote that I will take away the most from this chapter in the book is, ” It is better to check before you cross the one than to be sorry later.  This quote just goes to show you that you need to be knowledgeable about what the laws are and how you need to make sure you are not crossing this very thin line.

The issue public relations practitioners have when it comes to legal issues is usually ownership and gaining access to information.  I personally know that this is issue because when I add photos to my blog I can only use certain websites. I do not want to use other people’s work so in order for me to not have to deal with any legal actions I use  images from or I upload my own images I’ve taken.

Every little thing you do or that you use that is someone else’s can cause you to deal with a legal issue, so knowing the laws and practicing the laws will help ensure that you do not have any legal issues in the future.

Ch 13: The Multipurpose Medium

This chapter refers to the use of the world web through public relation practitioners. As the book states there are three main uses of the web for public relation practitioners; communication with the companies public, research and individual development.

As a pr practitioner it is important to communicate with the organizations public for many reasons.  Communicating with the organizations public gives the public sense of a relationship, and most important the public is given information about the organization.  Research is just as important as communicating with the companies public.  Research leads to tracking the opinions of the public, research what the competitors are doing, and deterring who your audience is.  Last but not least the web is used for individual development in the public relations industry. Using the web as an extension of your self allows you to expand your networking relationships, be active in webinars, and to stay up to date on you new technological advances that benefits the public relations industry.

Photo Credit: One Way Stock via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: One Way Stock via Compfight cc

We can all think of many reasons of how we use the web in our day-to-day life.  I would assume most of us have recently realized and utilized a lot of the techniques this chapter discusses.  I know that I personally am trying to build up my personal LinkedIn page so that I can expand my networking relationships.  I find that more and more people are stressing the importance of being on LinkdIn because it is a heavily used social media tool when looking for jobs and getting a job.  In today’s society especially in the public relations industry it is important to network with others and build up those relationships.

There are pros and cons to using the web as a public relations medium.  It is our duty as a pr practitioner to utilize the web and to use the internet when it suits best.

Always remember that your personal social media sites are an extension of who you are.


Summer Hurry Up and Get Here!

As the school year is coming to a close and summer is in the near future, I am beyond excited for summer break.  Summer is my favorite time of year because of the warm weather, not having school, and getting to relax on a daily basis.  Oh and my birthday is during the summer so that’s another huge reason why summer is my favorite time of the year. IMG_1121

This summer won’t just be all fun in games.  The reason being because I’m going to be taking an online summer class and be doing an internship.  My online summer class shouldn’t be to much of an issue because it’s only five weeks long. My internship however starts the first Monday I am out of school on vacation. I’m really excited about starting my internship because I’m looking forward to the experience and all of the knowledge I will gain from it.

This summer won’t be all work and no play.  One of the things that I am really looking forward to is turning 21-years-old.  This year my birthday just so happens to be on the same day as Fathers Day.  I’m excited that I will get to share such a special day with my dad. As summer goes on my family and I will beheading to Destin, Florida.  Each year my family and I go on a family vacation and this year is the same.

Summer is such an amazing time for me.  I pledging to my self that I will make this summer the best that it can be. I get to look forward to so many things this summer and I am blessed to have such a good life. This summer will include me getting to further my knowledge in school and in my career, getting to spend quality time with my family and friends, and to travel the country.