Ch 12: When the News Isn’t Good

Chapter 12 discusses what to do when you are writing during a time of crisis. The book considers a crisis to be a surprise and a threat to an organization. When it comes to dealing with a crisis within an organization a public relations writer must act fast but make sure they are being accurate and addressing the issue that is at stake. The public relations writer will play a significant role when it comes to dealing with the crisis and trying to handle the situation.

Photo Credit: spinster cardigan via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: spinster cardigan via Compfight cc

Crises can include many issues such as political, and environmental. Just because a crisis is identified and is being taken care of the individual or organization involved can have back lashes from the crisis for some time.  When dealing with a crisis ,once again like in many other situations  your audience is of essence.  Timing is also very important because you need to have a strategic plan in place and when you will be giving more information out to your public.  One of the main goals when dealing with a crisis besides stopping the crisis at hand is trying to change the publics mind about the crisis.

Being in the public relations industry being creative is a good quality to maintain.  I think that having creativity will help you when dealing with a crisis.  You need to think of the best way to approach the crisis  and what you will do to make this situation better than what it is.

Crises are becoming more of a problem because of all of the technological aspects that emplaced in todays society.  Many organizations now are taking the initiative to plan for when a crisis may occur and how to deal with a crisis when one happens.  It is essential that a crisis plan is created and is used when needed.


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