This semester at school has been one for the books.  This is by far one of the most stressful semester I’ve had my entire college career.  I feel like it’s one thing after another.  I try my best to tackle my stress and do whatever is possible to eliminate the stress that’s at hand.

I think that part of my stress this semester at school is being enrolled in 18 credit hours, which is six classes.  A lot of my classes this semester are very demanding and time-consuming. Out of my six classes four of them have group projects; which is crazy to think that I have four different projects going on at one time.

Photo Credit: AuthenticAng11 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: AuthenticAng11 via Compfight cc

Although school maybe stressing me out I’m thankful though to be in college and to be bettering myself.   When ever I think that I have too much on my plate with school I just think that there’s some individuals who can’t afford to go to school that want to. I have this great opportunity to be in school. I use those thoughts to keep pushing myself and to handle one task at a time.

I don’t want to seem ungrateful because I’m not; I am blessed to be having the stresses I do about school.  Sometimes the stress is a little much but I know that I can make it through this stressful time.  Eventually one day in the near future hopefully I can catch a break. Good things are bound to happen to good people.  I just have to keep a good head on my shoulders and look for the good in all situations.



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