Ch 13: The Multipurpose Medium

This chapter refers to the use of the world web through public relation practitioners. As the book states there are three main uses of the web for public relation practitioners; communication with the companies public, research and individual development.

As a pr practitioner it is important to communicate with the organizations public for many reasons.  Communicating with the organizations public gives the public sense of a relationship, and most important the public is given information about the organization.  Research is just as important as communicating with the companies public.  Research leads to tracking the opinions of the public, research what the competitors are doing, and deterring who your audience is.  Last but not least the web is used for individual development in the public relations industry. Using the web as an extension of your self allows you to expand your networking relationships, be active in webinars, and to stay up to date on you new technological advances that benefits the public relations industry.

Photo Credit: One Way Stock via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: One Way Stock via Compfight cc

We can all think of many reasons of how we use the web in our day-to-day life.  I would assume most of us have recently realized and utilized a lot of the techniques this chapter discusses.  I know that I personally am trying to build up my personal LinkedIn page so that I can expand my networking relationships.  I find that more and more people are stressing the importance of being on LinkdIn because it is a heavily used social media tool when looking for jobs and getting a job.  In today’s society especially in the public relations industry it is important to network with others and build up those relationships.

There are pros and cons to using the web as a public relations medium.  It is our duty as a pr practitioner to utilize the web and to use the internet when it suits best.

Always remember that your personal social media sites are an extension of who you are.



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