Relay for Life

Last Friday was Relay for Life for the students of SIUE.  I was happy to participate in this event and the fight to end cancer.  imageI just like many others have been effected by cancer.  My grandma, who happened to be my best friend as a little girl lost her battle with pancreatic cancer many years ago.  Till this day I am very saddened by the loss of grandma. Although there wasn’t much I could do for my grandma except spend the last days of her life with her, I can help those who have cancer now and who will have cancer in the future.

Being a part of Relay for Life made me feel apart of something bigger than just my self. I was honored to raise money for those who need help with cancer research.  The whole meaning of Relay for Life is to show people that cancer never sleeps.  As a part of the Relay for Life event all of those in attendance are welcomed to participate in the lighting of the luminaries. The lightning of the luminaries is to honor all those who have been effected directly by cancer.  To me the lightening of the luminaries was my favorite part of the night. It was the moment I got to honor my grandma and my boyfriend got to honor his mom.  It was an emotional moment for me because its hard not to miss those who have passed because of cancer.  At that moment I realized I was their for a bigger reason than just to raise money but to honor life and the life’s of others.

image-1Relay for Life was a great event and I look forward to participating in many more Relay for Life events.  At the Relay for Life PRSSA the club I am apart of won the spirit award.  It was a lot of fun celebrating with my friends who are in PRSSA with me.

I look for the day in life when there is  cure for cancer, so that no one else looses a loved one because of this disease.


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