CH 16: High-Profile Project

As a public relations practitioner there are many duties that are included in the job title.  Being a public relations student I realize that it will be my job in the future to maintain relationships within the company I work for and my clients.  One of the task that one may have to do to further a relationship is managing a special event. Planning an event is very time-consuming and calls for lots of organization. Some of the high-profile events include annual reports,special events, and trade shows.

Photo Credit: SpokaneFocus via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: SpokaneFocus via Compfight cc

Annual reports are usually a yearly report that gives a run down of the organizations activities, and shows the financial state of the company.  Many annual reports are very important to companies and are mandatory.  In an annual report there are two parts that are needed one being narrative documentation and one being a financial report. Non-profit organizations put a lot of weight into their annual reports. The reason is because non-profit organizations want to show where the money went for that year and they want to continue to earn donations.

Many companies will ask a public relations practitioner to plan a special event for them.  There are many reasons that  special events occurs for, an example would be a retirement celebration, anniversaries, or the launch of a new product. Many times when one is planning a special events there plenty of times to plan the event.  The thing that public relations practitioners have to plan for is the unexpected.  For example a client wanting to change the theme or change the whole event in general. When planning a special event it is important to try to reuse and reword different of pieces of work.  A news release can be written into a feature and just needs some twitching.  This will save you time in the long run and will help with organization as well.

Trade shows are usually used to roll out a new product or something of that sort that a company wants to feature. Many times a trade show is used for exposure but planning this exposure is time-consuming. Many times when a trade show is being planned there is a specific theme that one follows.




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