My Last Post For My Public Relations Writing Class

This semester  I have really learned a lot about my future career in public relations.  The one greatest lesson I learned is that there is  always something I could be doing to better my self.   This is something I learned early on in the semester when I attended career development day, which I previously have blogged about.  Attending career development day really lighted a fire underneath me and made me want to be a better student practicing public relations.

Through out the semester I believe that I have had lots of accomplishment which I am proud of.  My first accomplishment that I am really proud of is being on the executive board for PRSSA. My seconded accomplishment is advancing my writing techniques.  I have written multiple pieces of copies and have had them continually checked over.  Once my copies were edited and rechecked I made the necessary improvements on them.  Making those improvements and being aware of my mistakes has taught me the most and has advanced my writing.  I owe a lot of thanks to my teacher, Stacey Howard.  She has really helped me out time after time this semester.  Attending her 8 a.m. public relations writing class wasn’t always my favorite because it was early in the morning, but I sure did learn a lot more attending her class than if I was sleeping.

One thing I will take away from this semester is to be professional in all that you do. A few other things I will take away from the semester is that it is important to  be networking, to maintain my blog, gain experience, and to practice all types of writing when it is not required of you.

As the semester is coming to a close I can see the finish that is ahead of me.  This is just one semester down in my path of earning my degree.  I have one year left of school and then I will truly meet the finish line. Who knows I may even begin a master program in the near future after I graduate.

Photo Credit: familymwr via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: familymwr via Compfight cc


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