Month: May 2014


On Saturday April 26 my family and I had to put down our yellow lab named ru Ruger was only three years old and his death was very unexpected.  The reason why Ruger needed to be put down was because he had what is known as bloat. Bloat is when the dogs stomach flips on them.  His small intestines ended up being in his chest and he also had a foreign object in his stomach.  My family and I loved Ruger very much.  We were willing to do anything to save his life.  Ruger was going to need two surgeries to save his life and these surgeries were critical as well as expensive.  The surgeries combined together and the after care would have cost approximately $7,000.  I begged my parents to pay that much to go ahead with the surgery but they told me they had to draw the line somewhere.  I understand the decision they made and I know it was a hard decision for them to make. Even if we would have went through with the surgeries Ruger was in very critical condition and he could have possibly passed away during the surgeries.  Ruger would have been in a lot of pain during recovery as well so now as much as I miss my dog I believe that my family and I made the best decision for our dog.

Dealing with the death of Ruger is being taken very hard in my family.  We each had such a special connection with him and he left us with the greatest memories. Everywhere in my house has a special memory with Ruger.  Ruger would always like to open the shower door when I was showering and drink the water.  It was always so funny when I got out of the shower because his face was all wet.  Even after I showered when I put lotion on he would like to lick the lotion off of my leg.  Writing about it now even makes me chuckle.

Ruger was a very silly dog and loved to show his affection to my family and I.  When ever someone came home he would bark like someone was breaking into the house. ruger hands Once he realized it was one of us he would lay his ears back and wiggle.  It was the cutest thing to see and I can picture it now.  I wish I had a video of him wiggling but I have the memory and that is what counts.  Another thing Ruger loved besides his family were his treats.  When ever you said the word treat he would perk up and get excited and meet you at the hall closet to get his treat.

Ruger had a great personality.  One thing my family and I would always say to him is, why the long face Ruger?  Ruger would sit like he was huntched over some times and stick his leg out real far.  We always said he looked like Igor from Winnie the Pooh when he sat like that.

Ruger as a puppy was a chubby little boy.  The first time I ever held him he grunted like a pig.  He constantly did that when we held him and he did that until he got use to us.  He came around real soon and he really loved us. Throughout Rugers life he was always very affectionate.  One of the first days that we had Ruger as a puppy he would hold his hand out and want to shake your hand.  Holding Rugers hand was something I did with him on a daily basis.  He would always just hold his paw out and he assumed you would just pick his paw up.

Loosing Ruger so suddenly was one of the hardest things I have had to go through this past year. Ruger was a part of my family and he always will be.  My family and I miss him dearly and we talk about him everyday.  Each of us cherish all the memories we have created with Ruger.  My wish for Ruger is that he is in peace and that he understands why we had to make the decision we did.