Branding Yourself

As some of you may know this summer I am taking an online class. The class that I am taking is all about social media for public relations. This week’s assignment was to blog about your personal online brand.

The first thing that I initially did was Google myself. I wasn’t shocked by what I found because I have always been very aware about what I post on the Internet. Having a positive self-image/brand on the web is very important aspect to me. Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.54.53 PMWhen I googled my name I looked at each result that came up with me in it. I looked everywhere from my twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn to my MySpace page. Nothing negative really stood out to me.

What I learned from my search is that I have a positive brand on the web. The themes that I noticed is that all my pictures were pretty much the same on each social media account. So I am consistent with that. I read this blog by Jon Negroni and he stated the following about branding yourself online, “ Once you know exactly what you want your personal brand to be, it’s time to implement it across all of your channels.” ( I believe that what Jon said is something I do very well across all social media accounts. I don’t post inappropriate pictures or anything of that nature. The big theme that stood out to me is that I do not use vulgar language at all on social media. Since I first started using social media it has been instilled in me to be appropriate online because one-day just one post, comment or photo could cost you your dream job. In the book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Scott he stated, “Think like a publisher by understanding your audience.” The one thing when I make post on social media sites is that I think about whom my followers are and what their reason for following me or liking my page is. I want to post about things that they care about or what they want to know about me. Online I present myself in a mature and respectful manner. The one change that I would like to change is deleting my vines. It’s not because they are inappropriate but because they aren’t good quality videos and I know that I could do much better work than what I did. IF someone were to search me on the web I believe they would get an accurate representation of me. I think that someone would see that I am a respectful person and respect myself. I think the one thing that someone may not see about me on the web is that I am very creative. That’s one thing that I need to work on displaying on social media outlets. This assignment has made me want to get my name out more on the web in a professional manner.

One thing I have come up with is my own brand statement. On social media outlets it always ask you to describe your self in a few short sentences so developing my own brand statement will be helpful. In the future I hope to use my brand statement on my social media accounts. My brand statement that I have come up with describes whom I am and what I want to do as a profession. My brand statement is, Mateja Sears, a public relations enthusiast who enjoys speaking on behalf of her clients and branding their company. The work I do helps companies get the word out about a clients products and developing relationships between clients and their publics. The work that I do brings me much joy and happiness because I can see first had how clients and the public develop a positive relationship with one another.

Developing a new online personal brand I believe will affect the chances of me getting a job when I graduate. I think that having a positive image on the web makes me a stand out candidate when it comes to be a potential employee. A potential employer will not have to worry about me posting any negative or inappropriate material online.

As I worked on this assignment the one thing that I could implement the most into my life is by participating in social media on regular basis. I do this to a certain extent but the one thing that I need to work on is making post on a more schedule basis. On page 276 Scott stats, “But in all cases, success comes from engaging in the activity regularly.” I will take this into much consideration and implement it into my life. I want to begin making regular blog post and sharing my thoughts.


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