Thank You for Walking Out of My Life, Truly It’s A Blessing

This last week has been an eye opener for me. I’ve seen one of the most important people in my life go and I’ve been blessed to see many other people walk into my life in just one short week.

Being put down by someone you care for and you’ve known for years is a tough thing to go through.  I however know that I am truly the BLESSED one going through this experience.  I will be the one coming out on TOP.  I deserve SO much in this life and I am NOT willing to ever settle AGAIN for someone less than what I deserve.  I deserve to be respected and NOT lied to for weeks on end.  A relationship is built on TRUST.  Without trust there is no faithfulness.  I believe I was an amazing person in this persons life and I know I was.  I was one of the best things that could have ever happened to them.  I was patient, caring, and tried my best to better that person. There is no bettering a person if they don’t want it themselves. You have to want something yourself to ever succeed in life to find a good job or good assignment happy

The one thing that hurts the most is to know the person you cared for who loved you at once didn’t really care for you in the last couple of months you spent with them. Lying to someone is never the answer. Being honest from the start is what saves the person you hurt from more heart ache and pain. The worst things is that 2  STRANGERS could walk into that person’s life and they become that person’s world before you are even out of the relationship. Those 2 strangers are the ones replacing the spot where you once stood. Those new people who are now in your life have the joy of getting to deal with all the of the lies, and disrespect that you once gave me. Things maybe all great now but in time your true colors will come out and so will theirs.

People may think I am being disrespectful right now but this is me coping. I don’t deserve someone talking non sense about me when I all I did was ever be an amazing friend who was their for you and supported you.  I am not the one in the wrong.  I have been a mature adult and I have been holding my head when there are times where I could sink in a whole for days.  For two strangers to talk badly about me who don’t even know me and post pictures to make  me jealous shows what kind of character they have. Even more than ever your true colors are coming out because you have provoked them to do these things.
After a long friendship like we had you think that out of the goodness of your heart you could be respect but NO!
I however am not mad a you, I am sorry for goodbye I am sorry that you feel you need to stoop to that level.  I thought I knew who you were but I didn’t. You were living a life that was a lie. You lied to yourself, you lied to me, you lied to your PARENTS  and still are lying to them.  I however do not have to deal with this lying ever again.  I have gained a whole new perspective on life.

  • I have gained strength in myself.
  • I have gained more strengthen in my relationship with GOD.
  • I have built relationships with people who I never would have if  I was never set free from this friendship.
  • I now know that I deserve someone who is respectful, kind, caring, HONEST and not a CHEATER!
  • I’ve gained more respect for myself.
  • The biggest lesson I have learned is that to be happy in life you have to be happy with your self!

I thanks to you am now happier with in a matter of a short time without you in my life. You were keeping me from my happiness and I am so relieved to not have a negative person holding me back, and me giving up opportunities because of someone else.

One of the biggest things I realize is that the person I cared for was going know where with their life. They are just going through the motions and settling for an easy life. Things in life that are worth working for take time and effort. You can’t be a lazy person and expect to have the world at your hands.

So through this all I want to thank this person for opening my eyes up. Thank you for opening my eyes up and seeing the real person that you are and not the person who I thought you were. I wish you the best and I wish you a life full of happiness but in order for you to achieve that you have to work on end

Through this hard time I have turned to my support system. I have a family who understand me and who I can tell the TRUTH to.  Some may not understand the relationship that I have with my parents but you don’t need to. My parents and I’s relationship is built off of a strong foundation. We are an honest and loving family. We don’t build relationships with one another or any one for a matter of fact off of lies. For some families I truly feel sorry that they aren’t happy. I hope for those families that one day they can find piece of mind. My parents are proud of who I am and the women I am becoming. I can truly say that I know I am a good person. I don’t bring others down just for the fun of it.  I care for others deeply, I’m respectful, and most of all trustworthy.  I look forward to my future and I am now ready to move on with my life and to move on to bigger and better things.


.Happiness is key to life.




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